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The Creators Issue

The people who make our favorite things and the platforms that enable (and exploit) them

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好彩1开奖 YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and other online platforms are changing the way people create and consume media. The Verge's Creators section covers the people using these platforms, what they're making, and how those platforms are changing (for better and worse) in response to the vloggers, influencers, podcasters, photographers, musicians, educators, designers, and more who are using them. The Verge’s Creators section also looks at the way creators are able to turn their projects into careers — from Patreons and merch sales, to ads and Kickstarters — and the ways they’re forced to adapt to changing circumstances as platforms crack down on bad actors and respond to pressure from users and advertisers. New platforms are constantly emerging, and existing ones are ever-changing — what creators have to do to succeed is always going to look different from one year to the next.

Popular YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah found dead

YouTube looks to demonetization as punishment for major creators, but it doesn’t work

Gigi Hadid wants to rewrite copyright law around her Instagram account

One of the creepiest series in YouTube history is now a decade old and can’t seem to die

What's in your bag

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YouTube can’t remove kid videos without tearing a hole in the entire creator ecosystem

What’s in your bag, Big Gigantic?

Reeds and drumsticks

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How D’ana Nunez went from fashion show production to art directing Instagram’s Coachella house

‘Creating for yourself should always be first, before anything else.’

Dr Disrespect’s suspension is a big moderation moment for Twitch

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YouTube executives reportedly mulling over removing all children’s content from main site

They welcomed a robot into their family, now they’re mourning its death

The story of Jibo

YouTuber Simone Giertz transformed a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck

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