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Gigi Hadid wants to rewrite copyright law around her Instagram account

How to post to multiple social networks

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How D’ana Nunez went from fashion show production to art directing Instagram’s Coachella house

‘Creating for yourself should always be first, before anything else.’

Instagram begins testing new procedures to help users regain access to hacked accounts

Would quitting Instagram make us happier?

Senator calls for FTC investigation into ‘dangerous detox teas’ on social media

Ads from influencers you don’t follow are about to hit your Instagram feed and Stories

Sen. Josh Hawley calls out Facebook over ‘encrypted’ messaging plans

Snap is looking into licensing music for users to embed in posts

CrossFit storms off Facebook and Instagram, citing long list of grievances

Instagram will now support landscape video on IGTV

Instagram ends experiment with standalone Direct messaging app

The White House is painting an ugly picture of tech bias against conservatives

Bernie Sanders becomes latest 2020 candidate to call for Facebook breakup

Snapchat has become a content creation tool for Instagram and Twitter users

White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter

White House won’t endorse international call to block extremist content online

Facebook imposes restrictions on live-streaming to prevent future abuse

Twitter fights vaccine misinformation with new search tool

Instagram appears to be testing stickers with song lyrics

Instagram will begin blocking hashtags that return anti-vaccination misinformation

Facebook is turning its fact-checking partners loose on Instagram

Facebook could create new privacy positions as part of FTC settlement

Instagram is launching a camera redesign and dedicated shopping tags for creators

Instagram will test hiding public like counts in Canada

Facebook sues Instagram bot sellers in New Zealand

CIA officially launches its Instagram account

Facebook sets aside $3 billion ahead of record FTC fine over privacy violations

Mark Zuckerberg has a podcast now

Facebook blocks could open the door to online censorship

The CIA is joining Instagram

Sri Lanka restricts access to social media sites following terror attack

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