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好彩1开奖 As gadgets and services get smarter, they need more data, and face the hard problem of keeping it safe. Data privacy has become a huge problem for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any company using artificial intelligence to power its services — and a major sticking point for lawmakers looking to regulate. Here's all the news on data privacy and how it's changing tech.

Senator proposes strict Do Not Track rules in new bill

Google has been tracking nearly everything you buy online — see for yourself with this tool

AT&T defends location data sales in newly public letter

The NYPD uses altered images in its facial recognition system, new documents show

How to stop Google from keeping your voice recordings

Facebook says it shouldn’t be broken up because it is very successful

Amazon’s kid-friendly Echo Dot is under scrutiny for alleged child privacy violations

Google’s Sundar Pichai snipes at Apple with privacy defense

Google is pushing back against ad tracking in Chrome

Google won’t let you turn off the light on your indoor Nest cameras anymore

Google will soon let you auto-delete your location tracking data

DuckDuckGo wrote a bill to stop advertisers from tracking you online

Facebook’s Portal is getting WhatsApp support and launching internationally

United Airlines says it’s now covering those surprise seatback webcams

New York’s attorney general is investigating Facebook after contact-scraping scandal

Facebook broke Canadian privacy law, according to regulators

Your latest reminder any ol’ bum a company hires could theoretically breach your privacy

Mark Zuckerberg has a podcast now

When can we finally get rid of passwords?

That mental health app might share your data without telling you

Android 101: How to stop location tracking

Jaron Lanier’s ideas for the future of profiting from your own data

Unlocking the secrets hidden inside your voice

Amazon’s Alexa can handle patient information now — what does that mean for privacy?

These Chinese sanitation workers have to wear location-tracking bracelets now

Amazon’s Alexa now handles patient health information

Tesla Model 3 hack shows new cars can snitch on owners after a wreck

Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism

FTC announces inquiry into the privacy practices of broadband providers

Telegram adds the option to delete chats on other people’s devices

New facial recognition bill would require consent before companies could share data

He filmed the killing of Eric Garner—and the police punished him for it

The story of Ramsey Orta is one of continued and unending police harassment

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