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好彩1开奖 Dockless electric scooters first started appearing on US city streets in 2017, and since then have exploded in popularity across the world. Like ride-sharing, these compact two-wheelers were eagerly adopted by riders, kicking off what is seen as a revolution in micromobility. They can be a fun and easy way to make short trips, and startups like Bird and Lime are using that to raise huge amounts of cash. But critics complain they block sidewalks and cause injuries, and cities have struggled to manage their growth, which suggests that the scooter wars have only just begun.

Apple Pay will let you rent a Bird scooter without downloading the app

Bird has a new electric scooter: it’s durable, comes in three different colors, and you can buy it

Electric scooter use results in 20 injuries per 100,000 trips, CDC finds

You can now rent a Bird electric scooter for $25 a month

Lime’s electric scooters will be able to tell when you’re too drunk to ride

Electric scooters may not be around for long

Riding Bird’s electric scooters just got more expensive in some cities

Inboard refunds electric scooter customers as it pivots to shared fleets

Electric scooter charging is a cutthroat business, and Lime wants to fix that

A cyclone of scooters has descended on Austin for SXSW, for better or worse

The CDC is studying electric scooter injuries for the first time

How Bird plans to blanket the world with electric scooters without going bankrupt

You can now find Lime scooters and bikes in more cities in Google Maps

Electric trikes are the latest battery-powered gadgets to enter the ride-sharing world

Lime warns riders about ‘sudden excessive braking’ due to firmware bug

Electric scooters popular with ride-sharing services can be hacked to suddenly accelerate or brake

Uber said to be working on autonomous scooters and bikes for some reason

Portland riders say they’re skipping cars, thanks to electric scooters

Bird apologizes for attempting to take down Boing Boing story about hacking its scooters

Bird tries to forcibly remove Boing Boing’s story detailing how to hack and keep its scooters

Uber’s new Jump e-bikes are easier to charge and harder to vandalize

Electric scooters need to toughen up — and stay out of lakes — if they are going to survive 2019

Google Maps can now direct you to Lime scooters and bikes

Superpedestrian’s follow-up to the Copenhagen Wheel is a ride-sharing scooter

Uber said to be negotiating a multibillion-dollar takeover of scooter-sharing startup

Unagi is the $1,190 electric scooter you won’t want to share with anyone

Lime issues recall for a scooter model after reports that they can break apart

Ford buys e-scooter company Spin for $100 million

Scooter companies are moving fast and breaking people, but they say they’re not to blame

Lime will open a brick-and-mortar ‘lifestyle store’ for electric bikes and scooters

Electric scooters are inspiring lazy people to get creative

Uber’s first electric scooters arrive in Santa Monica

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